We would like to take opportunity to introduce us, the EAGLE EYE SECURITY SERVICES as one of the professional security service provider working in Bangladesh since 2004. We are a group of retired military officer working together to ensure standard service up to the satisfaction of our valued clients. We are eager to work for the renowned and reputed company like yours and ready to accept any challenges.

We follow the effective method of management and supervision system round the clock to ensure uninterrupted services. We can assure the service you always desire with a very competitive price considering the present market and the quality of service we shall render for you.

The procedure of our selection, training, supervision and monitoring are done very meticulously. We believe in quality, commitment and sincerity in every aspect of our professional duties. Our aim is to do well by achieving appreciation from the clients.

We shell provide the literate, disciplined, trained and uniformed security personnel under strict supervision of EAGLE EYE SECURITY SERVICES we shall remain ready at service to fulfill any of your demand related to the service. Our mission is to put your mind at ease by providing to-notch, premium, and unsurpassed services.

Our Vision.

“To provide standard security to plants, Industries, Corporate premises, Banks, Markets and other prime installation/residence by providing skilled human resources, constant supervision and system integration”

Financial Terms of Reference

  • If you adhere to full compliance requirement of byer of monitoring agent above quoted rate will be rehashed as per your compliance compulsions.
  • Guards will be allowed weekly holidays and government gazette holidays. Duty on holidays will be considered as overtime duty.
  • If living accommodation and cooking facility with gas is available for security guards within your premises a discount sum/amount will be calculated per person per month.
  • Please note that any extra duty other than those agreed and included in the deed of agreement will be considered over time duty and billed at double the agreed rate.
  • Bills for additional security equipment if any will be calculated and billed separately.
  • Festival/Eid bonus @ 50% of agreed rate will be charged twice a year before the festivals
  • For English speaking guards (basic knowledge of English augmented by body language) the rate will be higher than normal rates. Guards of exclusive physically and educational standard will also be higher than normal rates.

Payment will be made on monthly basis by account payee cheaque or cash payment may also be made on receipt of bill/invoice.




Control Procedure:

  • Employs:

         List of all employees/occupants are to be supplied to security in charge for reference.

  • Permanent Workers/Helpers:

List of permanent workers/helpers (if) with their detail address and passport size photograph to be supplied for record and identification.

  • Visitors:

All visitors have to sign a register kept with reception given full detail of them and whom they desire to visit.

  • Material gate pass:

When any material is to be taken out from the building a written document to be issued by the authority.

  • Post Duty:

Guards deployed for static post shall independently be liable for loss and destruction of anything of the area assigned to him.

Security Arrangement:

The anti-burglary and anti-saboteur practice which includes:

  • Deployment of security Guards for day and night continuously.
  • Maintenance and continuous checking of the logbooks showing all incoming and outgoing visitors/materials to and from the premises.
  • Immediate investigation of burglaries, fire and other incidents and intimate a report to police station.
  • Security Guards will be on watch round the clock.


  • Security Guards are recruited from retired personnel of Defense Forces, Police, BGB, Ansar and trained civil persons who are trained on security matters.
  • Our Guards are provided with all required uniform and accessories from the company.
  • Provide round the clock security in three/two shift basis (as the case may be).
  • We replace our Guards on Promotion, Health, Discipline and Leave ground with “no time gap” basis.
  • Our guards are provides with 07 days leave with pay after every 3 month.
  • Guards take order/briefing from the company respectively.

Scope of service of the Company

  • Consultancy Services on Security, Safety, Cleaning and Fire Fighting.
  • Security Management of project/Corporate Bodies/Installation/Institutions.
  • Training and Management of Security Guards Force including provision of Security Officers, Inspectors, Supervisors and Security Guards.
  • Risk and Threat Assessment including Crisis Management.
  • Public Relation activities.